In the year 1955, a well-skilled technocrat founded Kothari Industries. Our company is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Steel Friction Grip Bolt, Galvanized Iron Pipe, Backup Rod, Engineering Fabrication, and many other products. Our reputation in the field has grown mostly as a result of the quality of our work. Our products are renowned for their sturdiness, durability and precise designing. Since our founding, we have been committed to producing high-quality materials for our clients. In our manufacturing process, we adhere to strict quality control procedures. We put our efforts on reaching excellence and perfectionism. For quick and effective production, we use the latest equipment and best machine tools.

Our company employs a group of highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals with years of expertise in this industry. Our team of professionals keeps a close eye on the entire manufacturing process to make sure that the quality of our products is maintained. The company has established a reputation in India by implementing ethical business practices. Due to our transparent dealings and persistent efforts, we have amassed a sizable customer. We offer competitive and honest offers, and we have perfectly satisfied our customers.

Our firm, led by our proprietor, Mr. Arun Kothari, who is knowledgeable in this field. His managerial abilities and forward-thinking business philosophy have enabled the corporation to cultivate a sizable clientele both domestically and abroad. Under his great leadership and direction, we have been able to experience tremendous development and success in this competitive business environment.


If a manufacturing error is detected in any of our items, we guarantee to replace it as long as the product is returned to us undamaged.

Customer Service

Our clients have proven their dependence on us by sticking with us through the rigorous of time and challenging market situations. Our customers have placed repeat orders as a result of the high quality of our products and our prompt deliveries. We are a customer favorite since we use incredibly simple payment methods and offer a full guarantee on the quality of our products including Galvanized Iron Pipe, Steel Friction Grip Bolt, Engineering Fabrication, Backup Rod, etc.

Quality Mantra and Quality Assurance

We work hard to ensure that the finished items we supply uphold the highest standards of quality. From the acquisition of raw materials through the delivery of finished goods, we offer 100% tested material that has been properly inspected. We exclusively use top-notch raw materials that have been thoroughly examined before to production. We rigorously test the product line at all stages of manufacturing, from material purchase to finished products, under the direction of our skilled quality auditors. No negligence is tolerated in the process, regardless of the clients requirements or the volume of the orders.

Our Infrastructure & Technology

The following are some of the main machinery we have in our manufacturing unit:

  • Forming Machine
  • Forging Machine
  • Welding Machine
  • Heat treatment Machine

Warehousing And Packaging

Our warehousing specialists keep an extensive inventory system on hand for future usage. Our warehouse key attributes include ventilation, moisture proof, corrosion-proof environment, controlled temperatures, efficient security system.

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